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Healthy Lifestyles

Start healthy habits early in life

With healthy habits from birth, you can give your baby a good start for a healthy and happy future. Breast milk is ideal for your baby’s growing needs and giving them breast milk can make a big difference. If you are not as healthy as you could be, now could be a great time to establish good health habits for all the family.

Babies like the foods they get used to. If you give them lots of different, healthy foods to try when they are babies and toddlers, they are more likely to eat a variety of healthy foods as they grow up.

Being physically active takes brain and muscle power so it plays an important part in your baby's development. As they grow, you can help them by playing with them and helping them make new movements and explore their surroundings. The whole family can enjoy a healthy lifestyle together.

Health visitor says

There is NO safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.  If you smoke near your child, inside or outside, this is called passive smoking and it means you are forcing your child to breathe in your smoke, which may harm them. If you or your partner smoke, then smoke away from your children. Step right outside while you consider cutting down or quitting.

If you are thinking of cutting down or quitting,- contact local services by calling STOP! on 0845 045 2828.

Doctor says

Here are some basic rules to help you lead a healthier lifestyle:


Do you drink too much alcohol, take drugs or smoke?


You may be passing these habits onto your child. Now is the time to get healthy together.


Get help if you need it from NHS websites and speak to your surgery.

For more information go to NHS Choices at or contact the Stop Smoking service or your health visitor.