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Wheezing and breathing difficulties

Look at the signs

Any kind of breathing difficulty your infant or child experiences can be scary for parents. It may be nothing to worry about and could just be normal baby ‘snuffles’.

Use your instincts with newborns and babies. It could be:

In older babies and toddlers you may notice:

If you’re worried about your child wheezing or having breathing difficulties even after reading this, contact a doctor immediately.

Doctor’s tips

You need to contact your doctor immediately if your baby or toddler:

Midwife says

Newborns often have unusual breathing patterns and most babies have a stuffy nose for the first several weeks of life. Newborn babies breathe much faster than older children.

Health Visitor

Make sure your baby or toddler has not swallowed something they should not have, like a plastic toy.  If this happens and they appear to be choking, get help straight away


Is your child a typical, active toddler?


Have they been running around?


Sit them down and let them get their breath back and then see how they are.

The above information cannot replace specialist treatment. If you are still worried, contact NHS Direct or your surgery.